*(Via Politico) Donald Trump’s strategy of spurring interest in his presidential campaign by flirting with discredited theories about President Barack Obama’s birthplace is stirring a growing backlash among prominent African-Americans, who are protective of the first black president and, in some cases, concerned that Trump is making a coded racial appeal.

Trump’s confrontational appearances had already begun to raise questions about whether his political flirtation was, as widely assumed, a stunt aimed at raising his profile and ratings, and his willingness to alienate a share of the television audience — and to drag his cautious corporate employers into the incendiary politics of race — have spurred speculation that he has either badly miscalculated or is serious about running for president.

“There’s a lot of people that I’ve talked to [who] instinctively think that he’s using the issue as a proxy for race,” Urban League President Marc Morial, the former New Orleans mayor, told Politico. “I don’t know if it has resonance in the Republican Party but I certainly think it has resonance in certain far right elements of the American public.”

“It’s like a modern day Salem witch trial — because there’s no merit to it,” he said.

Morial’s comment follows escalating criticism from black colleagues of Trump’s in the entertainment industry.

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