*Sexy-chocolate Derek Luke has signed to a new gig. He’s now co-star of Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical drama, “HawthoRNe” for season three.

He’ll play Dr. Miles Bourdet, a desirable surgeon who arrives at the hospital to become the protégé of Dr. Tom Wakefield.

Bourdet is in the middle of a divorce. In the meantime, Christina Hawthorne’s daughter grows fond of the older man. Season three begins June 14 on TNT.

*Also, look out for an interesting combo: George Lopez and Halle Berry in “Skank Robbers.”

A highly anticipated flick, Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx’s skit featuring Wanda and Sheneneh has blown up into something more ridiculous. No word yet on what role Halle and Lopez will be playing, but you gotta know it will be a crack up.