*He started off pretty good with publicity, but Uncle Luke ain’t looking so good in his campaign right now.

As the now former rapper – whose government name is Luther Campbell – is running for Mayor of Miami, he hosted a fundraiser in North Bay Village, Fla., where he only raised a measly $250. Womp womp.

According to local news reports, he hoped to raise at least $5,000 b charging $25 to $500 per patron at the event.

He’s seriously not competing with his political opponents.

Hip Hop Wired reports that Jose “Pepe” Cancio reported at $160,000, Carlos Gimenez reported about $230,000, Marcelo Llorente reported almost $370,000, and Julio Robaina reported over $600,000.

But the former 2 Live Crew artist hasn’t lost hope. Instead he said, “It’s about jobs and getting new money into Miami.”