*The one thing you can always count on in any business is change. Well, in the music/record business, change is guaranteed.

And in the latest change to go at the Universal Music Group means veteran executive Sylvia Rhone, president of Universal Motown, is making her exit. The news is courtesy of Johnnie L. Roberts at the wrap.com:

Under one scenario, according to two persons familiar with the situation, Rhone — perhaps the industry highest-ranking female and African-American executive — would be head a new production entity fully or partly financed by Universal.

“It’s just too early” to know the outcome of the talks, a confidante of Rhone told The Wrap.

Rhone — whose list of new and hit artists ranges from hip hop’s Busta Rhyme to Motown legend Stevie Wonder to R&B star Brandy and Erykah Badu — wasn’t immediately available for comment. Nor could a spokesman for Universal Music be reached.

In an industry where African-American talent has long been at the core, Rhone’s departure from Univeral Motown would leave the executive suite of major labels devoid of an African American presence at the industry top rungs.

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