*Eight years after being disqualified during season 2 of “American Idol,” R&B singer Frenchie Davis is still trying to become the next big singing sensation through reality TV – this time via NBC’s “The Voice.”

Performing a cover of “I Kissed a Girl,” Davis, 31, auditioned in last night’s season premiere to earn a spot on mentors Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green or Adam Levine’s team and progress on the series.

As Davis belted out the Katy Perry hit, the mentors, who listen to the auditions with their backs to the singers in order to focus solely on their voice, were impressed.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Green, 36, told Davis, who appeared in Rent on Broadway after being disqualified from “Idol” once producers learned she had posed for topless photographs. “You just won’t give up, will you?”

“You got me going,” said Aguilera, 30, who quickly snapped up Davis to compete on the show under her direction. “At first I thought it was a little shaky, but you really found your way as it continued and I liked it!”

As she progresses in the competition, Davis hopes to change the public’s perception of her.

“I believe that regrets are a waste of time,” says Davis, calling The Voice “a chance for me to continue to go for my dream and perhaps this time leave being remembered for my talent.”