*When a 31-year-old poet sat down to reflect about her singleness, she had no idea just how many women – and men, to be exact – she would impact.

With close to 500,000 hits already on YouTube and over thousands of likes on Facebook, the word is quickly spreading about lyricist and spoken word poet Janette McGhee, better known as “MissTerious Janette…ikz” to most, through her latest piece entitled “I Will Wait for You.”

Speaking honestly about her own anxieties in regards to finding the perfect or not-so-perfect one, McGhee, a faithful believer, powerfully illuminated her struggles at the latest P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement) Lyricist Lounge.

What started off as a simple journal entry has escalated into a viral phenomenon, resonating with many who hold the same questions as her; questions like “is it ever going to happen? Is it even possible? What do I need to look for?”

McGhee treads into a rather sensitive subject for many and vulnerably lays out her desires for a God-honoring husband, saying that she will wait for him, while at the same time recognizing that if God were to call her to a life of singleness, her heart would be content with Jesus, “the greatest love story ever told.”

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Watch the video for “I Will Wait for You”: