*Kelly Rowland visited the nosey folks, er, inquiring minds at Power 105.1 for a “Breakfast Club” chat about the recent movement with Mathew Knowles and her relationship with the music manager.

She also took a few moments to divulge information about her dating life.

But about Mr. Knowles, she has no hard feelings, still supports him and supports her friend Beyonce’s choice to drop her dad from the mix.

“I’m still very supportive of Mathew,” Kelly said. “I’ve been supportive of him since day one. He’s done great with Destiny’s Child. Look what he did. He definitely set us up to have great careers, so we’re not mad at that at all and I wish him the best.”

She added that Mathew’s support and work certainly brought her plenty of success.

On the topic of men, Kelly was recently spotted hugged up with a blond man. She said the guy is actually her neighbor who is happily married to his husband. Other than that, she supports interracial dating and in fact recommends it.

“Yes, I mean it’s completely up to you. I like a black guy just as much as I love a white guy.”

Oh really. Watch her do the crew: