*Uh oh, Mister Cee is in trouble now. The drag queen freak that apparently gave up some brain to the Hot 97 DJ is speaking out about the recent incident in which both men were arrested for public indecency.

When the news hit the streets, a media frenzy was underway along with flying insults spewing from various arenas, including the Hip Hop community. But Cee appeared to stay cool and played it off on a conspiracy theory.

Anyway, supposedly the dude Cee was with was called a transsexual originally, but let’s not make that mistake again. He insists he’s actually a drag queen. Get it straight honey.

And by the way, Lawrence Campbell, known as Brooke-Lynn Pinklady, denies any wrongdoing occurred between himself and Mister Cee.

“I’m definitely not a prostitute,” Campbell said in drag as Brooke-Lynn in a video posted to YouTube. “I’m not in any way shape or form easy. I don’t do things like that. I don’t have sex for money. I don’t need to have sex for money. I make enough money on my own.”

You tell ’em, girlfriend!