*Snoop Dogg is upset over being asked to change the name of his bachelor party anthem dedicated to Prince William in order to get the song played on U.S. radio stations.

Titled “Wet,” the song was written in honor of the British royal’s upcoming nuptials to Kate Middleton, insisting the tune would help the Prince celebrate his last stretch as a single man. [Scroll down to watch the Prince William-themed video.]

Apparently some radio stations have refused to play the song unless he makes the title more family-friendly, but the backlash has stunned Snoop – because another single he created with Dr. Dre is all about their love of marijuana – and has gotten zero push-back.

“I did a song called ‘Wet,’ and these motherf**kers at radio made me change the title to ‘Sweat,’” he tells Vibe magazine. “I didn’t change one line on ‘Kush.’ I hear that motherf**ker on the radio every day, and we’re talking about straight smoking dope. I can’t be sexy, but I can be drug oriented.”