*Star Jones and Joy Behar have sat down for their first on camera interview since Star departed television talk show “The View” in 2006, where the two had been co-hosts.

“This is the first time we’re together to talk about all this stuff,” Joy said on Monday’s “Joy Behar Show” on HLN.

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“Since the day I walked out of the show… You didn’t call, you didn’t write. They cracked my chest,” Star added of her open-heart surgery, just a year ago. “You didn’t send a flower.”

Joy claimed she was unaware about Star’s recent surgery.

“I didn’t know that until today. I don’t know why I didn’t know,” Joy said.

During the interview, Joy also asked the former prosecuting attorney about her dramatic departure from “The View” and her admission that she had been fired– something Joy suggested she didn’t have to do.

“The network was going to… Barbara — everyone was going to let you go and not make it a big thing and you changed it. Why did you do that?” Joy asked.

“Because for the week, two weeks, three weeks prior, the network was leaking out little stuff to the media,” Star claimed. “Paparazzi [were] at my house and ringing my doorbell and contacting my neighbors. And it was really probably the most emotionally destroying time of my life. I honestly was not sure I could take it.”

Star, who lost a large amount of weight by what she eventually admitted was gastric bypass, told Joy that she also dropped several pounds over what was happening on her final days on “The View.”

“Do you know that I actually lost an additional 20 pounds? It was scary. I started looking like Skeletor,” Star said. “All the people on television kept calling me ‘Bobblehead’ because my body was very tiny. It was really, really sickening.”

“It didn’t look good on me,” Star said of her skinniest figure. “It looked scary. Especially for somebody that used to weigh 300 pounds.”

While leaving “The View” was traumatic, Star admitted she would return as a guest if asked.

“Do you miss us at ‘The View?’” Joy asked.

“I miss the discussion. That’s what I do. I miss the ‘hot topics’ and arguing back and forth, but social media has really taken over and I’ve enjoyed some of that,” Star said. “And then sort of running around the country — that is allowing me to get my fix, if you will.”

“Would you come back as a guest if you were invited?” Joy continued.

“Right now, [I’m] in the middle of [my book tour for] ‘Satan’s Sisters.’ Someone should read the book so that ya’ know what to talk about, but, of course, I’d come. You invite me, I’ll be there.”