*It’s here, Tyler Perry’s newest movie production, “Madea’s Big Happy Family.” In the midst of all the excitement, it looks like the playwright and cross-dressing actor is preparing to launch a new show, “For Better or for Worse.”

The new production will premiere on TBS and is based on the characters of couples flick “Why Did I Get Married?”

Sources reveal that the show will likely follow a group of college best friends as they deal with life’s issues: Carl and Leslie, a beautiful, happily married couple who want their friends to be as happy as they are; Brian, a TV sportscaster who has a volatile yet comedic relationship with his wife, Michelle, a hair salon owner; and Janice, a therapist married to a sharp, ambitious lawyer, Jordan, who’s trying to keep his secrets secret.

According to reports, Miss USA 2008, Crystle Stewart has already booked a part in the series, but it’s not known which part she will play

In the meantime, for those of you who thought Madea was going to disappear for a while, Perry said she’s here to stay and ain’t retiring any time soon. Sorry Spike.

“As long as people want to see it, I’ll keep going. I’ll keep doing it,” Tyler said Wednesday on “Conan.” “If people stop coming to see the character, what will happen is that old broad will die really quickly.”

He also lamented about his methods of branding, saying he may have gone overboard.

“People forget that Walt Disney was a person. His name was above the title and it’s a great example. When you’re branding yourself and building a business [you] use your name. I think I just did it a little bit too much,” Tyler said.

Watch Tyler spill the beans on “Conan”: