Singer Stevie Nicks backstage during the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 31, 2010 in Los Angeles.

*Apparently Prince wanted more than just a collaboration with Stevie Nicks back in the day.

The two joined forces for her 1983 hit single “Stand Back,” and now the Fleetwood Mac veteran says Prince wanted to take their friendship to the next level. But she refused, fearing she would lose him as a friend if they broke up.

Nicks decided to keep their relationship platonic to ensure they would always be able to work together on more music.

“Prince and I were just friends. I think he would have been happy to have had a relationship. But I really wanted a musical relationship, and I had smartened up, even then,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “You’ll break up and never speak again. But he wasn’t interested in just that.”

Prince’s involvement with “Stand Back” has been recited often by Nicks. She wrote the tune shortly after she was married to Kim Anderson. The newlyweds were driving up to San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara when Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” came on the radio. Nicks particularly dug the lush synthesizers of the song, and said it inspired her to write “Stand Back.”

The newlyweds stopped and got a tape recorder and she recorded the demo in the honeymoon suite that night. Later, when Nicks went into the studio to record the song, she called Prince and told him the story of how she wrote the song to his melody. He came to the studio that night and played synthesizers on it, although his contribution is not credited on the album. Then, she says, “He just got up and left as if the whole thing happened in a dream.”