Will.i.am joins an all-star lineup on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of "Rio" at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. (April 11, 2011)

*Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am says their smash hit “I Gotta Feeling” will also have a special place in his heart  after learning Prince is a huge fan of the song.

He tells MTV, “I remember we played the song in Minnesota, and Prince was at the show, and he called me on the phone afterwards. He said, ‘Congratulations.’

“He says, ‘You know, those songs don’t come all the time. You’re blessed to have one of those songs. You know, they’re gifts.’ I was like, ‘Wow.’ For someone like Prince to tell you that, that’s bigger than a Grammy for me.”

Will.i.am admits he sees the 2009 song in a different light while singing it live.

“When we perform it, in my mind, I’m like, ‘Where did that song come from?’ I can’t believe this is us, and look at all these people singing it like it’s theirs.