*NeNe just up and left “Celebrity Apprentice” during Sunday’s 3-hour episode, which also saw the firing of Star Jones and La Toya Jackson – who has become the first contestant in show history to be fired twice.

After last week’s boardroom fiasco where NeNe went after Star with a vengeance to save herself, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wanted to talk out their differences – but Star was not in the mood.

Because of their feud, Donald Trump switched up the teams and put Meatloaf, Star and Marlee Matlin on one team (ASAP) and NeNe, La Toya, Lil Jon and John Rich on the other (Backbone). This is what would later set NeNe off and lead to her sudden decision to leave.

Meanwhile, the teams were tasked with organizing and producing a comedy show but when Team Backbone assembled in their war room, NeNe was nowhere to be found. They called her cell phone and left countless messages to no avail.

Trump finally managed to get hold of her to find out why she had not shown up to resume filming the show. He told her: “If you quit this will follow you for the rest of your life. You went this far to just quit at the end is just stupid NeNe.”

She replied: “You have seven talents there Mr. Trump and you accommodated Star – that’s not fair. You fell for her b*******.”

She then contacted her team members by text message writing: “I can’t stand this environment – it’s too negative. I can’t stand being around Star.”

And with that, NeNe’s name was never spoken again…until the boardroom.

Trump looked into the camera and said:  “To you NeNe I say you’re fired. You’re a quitter and Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not.”

In her exit interview below, NeNe explains why she quit the show.

The episode’s first task was to raise as much money as possible by selling tickets to a comedy show. ASAP’s Meatloaf, Star and Marlee won the challenge, which led to the firing of La Toya from Backbone.

For the second part of the three-hour show, the contestants were asked to produce a promotional video for OnStar’s new availability for any car. Star’s team lost, and she got into a heated argument with her teammate Meatloaf outside the boardroom as they waited to learn who would be fired.

It started off as a disagreement over Star’s responsibility in the task, but personal feelings got involved when Meatloaf referred to her as “sweetie.”

In the end, both Star’s failure in branding and her sensitivity to “sweetie” led to her demise.