*Angie Stone is one of those artists who comes out with something every once in a while, stays low-key, and then tries something else. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening now. The artist is sort of putting her singing on hold to nurture her other passion in acting.

“Acting was my first love. This was the direction I was going when I got discovered as a singer. Everything comes full circle back around. It’s coming back in this arena for me now,” said the co-star of the new play “Loving Him is Killing Me.”

This is her third stage role as she will be Mutha, a nightclub singer with attitude. The character is a woman with lots of soul and lots of humor.

Stone will be acting alongside Kenny Lattimore, Tyson Beckford, Christopher Williams and NeNe Leakes.

Speaking of the infamous reality TV show star, Stone told sister 2 sister  she doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, but she gets along with Ms. Drama Queen herself just fine.

“Sometimes we get thrown under the bus. A lot of things happen for a lot of reasons. Some we can control and some we can’t. I can’t say what her relationship is with other people. I don’t have a problem with NeNe. She’s a go getter. She’s a winner. She’s always gonna shine ’cause she knows the game. When you know the game too well, it gets thrown back at you at the wrong angle,” said Angie, who mentioned that NeNe was one of the first to use her glam squad.

“I have a glam squad I created, called First Class Glam: The Angie Stone Agency. I want to be the first Black artist to have a glam squad that’s for other people. It’s a lot brewing in my little camp.”

Stone is also working on another album to be out this fall. The first single, “Rich Girl” will be released this summer.

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