*Cee Lo is on a role lately and is working in all areas of life, even saving lives. The singer recently teamed with Duracell to thank volunteer firefighters for the Power Those Who Protect Us program by re-recording his hit track “Forget You” to be “Thank You.”

It was actually inspired by his personal appreciation for firefighters. When he was 16 years old, the singer and his mother were pulled to safety by local firefighters after a near fatal accident. His mom was also a volunteer firefighter.

The Boom Box reports the video for ‘Thank You’ features some of the brave men and women that protect America’s homes, businesses and roadways, as the newly branded tune of ‘Forget You’ is heard.

“As entertainers in the public light, we have a unique opportunity to raise awareness for causes close to our hearts through our greatest passion: music,” Green says. “That’s why I am proud to join the Power Those Who Protect Us cause, to tell my own story and shed light on the tireless sacrifices our nation’s volunteers make each and every day to protect their communities.”

The song is available for free on Duracell’s Facebook page.