*Chris Brown’s mother is hoping the singer eventually opens up about the events that led to his beating of Rihanna so he can “learn to deal with it” and move past his anger problems.

The singer sat down for an interview with CNN Larry King months after the incident, but has refused to discuss the matter ever since – even losing his temper and smashing a window at the “Good Morning America” studios in March after host Robin Roberts tried to discuss the subject.

But Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins – herself a victim of domestic violence – wishes her son would discuss his feelings about the attack because his troubles will continue to haunt him until he learns how to let go.

“I think he really needs to talk about the situation in itself, what actually happened to Rihanna… so that he can get that out for himself,” she tells Sister 2 Sister magazine.

“He has to learn to deal with it and go on with his life. This is something that happened; it was a huge mistake… it was not good at all. But he is still a human being and we all make mistakes and we live and we go on with it. But he has to own it, deal with it and move on with his life.”

Brown completed a court-ordered anger management course last year as part of his sentence. He was also placed on five years probation and handed six months of community service.