*The concept of successful businessmen mentoring selected high-potential social entrepreneurs is not new. But the idea of Christians applying that model to social entrepreneurs motivated by their faith to advance the common good has never been put into practice before – until now.

A group of successful Christian non-profit and business leaders began accepting applications for the inaugural class of the Praxis mentorship program this week. Praxis, a Greek term that means putting theory into action, is looking for driven yet humble social entrepreneurs to provide “world-class” mentorship and cash prizes to.

Praxis defines social entrepreneurs as people who look at big social problems and come up with creative ideas on how to build organizations or models that can tackle the challenges.

“Social entrepreneurs are similar to regular business entrepreneurs in the sense that they’ll run through walls, get things done. They’re scrappy and tough, they make due with very little resources,” explained Josh Kwan, the chairman of the board of Praxis, to The Christian Post.

But Christian entrepreneurs, he noted, have the added characteristic of “abiding faith that God has called them into this work.”

Twelve fellows will be chosen among the applicants to enroll in a six-month long program where social entrepreneurs will be closely guided by mentors on a one-to-one basis on how to formulate an effective operating plan, raise funds, and develop a brand, among other skills.

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