*Chrysler execs believe their Super Bowl-launched “Imported From Detroit” ad campaign starring Eminem has contributed directly to their recent financial boost.

The commercial, which doubles as a tribute to the rapper’s hometown of Detroit, features Eminem cruising the city in a new Chrysler 200, with his “8 Mile” hit “Lose Yourself”  as the soundtrack. At the end of the ad, he says, “This is Motor City. This is what we do.” [Scroll down to watch.]

The campaign appears to have worked wonders for Chrysler’s struggling accounts. The company posted figures showing their first profitable quarter since they filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Executives revealed they made $116 million in profits for the first three months of 2011, compared to the $197 million net loss during the same period in 2010.

Chrysler head Richard Palmer says the Eminem spot “clearly had a fairly big impact also on market levels, with (the) Eminem Super Bowl ad being extremely well-viewed on YouTube.”

Eminem isn’t the only big name to represent Chrysler; his mentor Dr. Dre has signed up to star in the upcoming Chrysler 300 campaign.