*Going green is more than a buzzword or activity; it’s an action and even a spiritual movement.

Florida Avenue Baptist Church in D.C.’s LeDroit Park neighborhood is celebrating its new 10-kilowatt rooftop solar power system that will be used to power the church’s lighting and air-conditioning. It is the first church in the area to go solar.

As a result of the new move, the electric bill is expected to be 15 percent lower and there will be even more savings when the building’s windows are retrofitted.

“All of the technical requirements checked out perfectly,” Gilbert Campbell III, co-owner of Volt Energy said. “We also had to look at the financial feasibility, and that’s where Volt and Florida Avenue Baptist were creative in coming up with a model that works for the church and its members to get the project financed by taking advantage of federal and local incentives.”

Along with going green, the church will be practicing healthier living.

“We’ll also be teaching sustainability-from health, agriculture, how and what we choose to eat and how to buy locally grown food, support Black farmers, etc.,” Dr. Earl Trent Jr., the church’s senior pastor Trent said. “The other phase is the make the church a model for other churches. The roof is accessible by stairs, so we’re going to conduct tours so that they can see how it works, and we will share the lessons we learned so they can duplicate it. This is the future.”