*Not only is Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum not surprised to see the Lakers down 2-0 to the Dallas Mavericks in their Western Conference semifinal, but he believes the Lakers’ problems are “deeply rooted” and they have to overcome “trust issues” with each other.

An irritated Bynum vented for six minutes in front of his locker after the Lakers’ 93-81 loss to the Mavericks and said the team has plenty of work to do off the court to dig itself out of the hole it is currently in.

“It’s deeply rooted at this point,” Bynum said of the team’s problems. “It’s obvious we have trust issues. Unless we come out and discuss it, then nothing is going to really change. We have to come in and have a good session [Thursday], which I believe we will, and correct things. If not, we’ll go home.”

Bynum’s “trust issues” stem from his teammates’ inability to communicate with one another on the court and help each other out defensively. Bynum was often seen yelling and signaling to his teammates to talk during the game.

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