*Often times people talk out of the side of their necks in the music industry and so when rapper Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell said he was running for mayor of Miami most folks likely took it as more blogger’s fodder and went about their business.

But here it is nearly 6 months later, with the election less than two weeks away and he is still in it. Sad say it, but people are finally taking him seriously after he has spent hundreds of thousands of his own dollars.

When individuals run for political office they often return to the community from which they arose for support. In Campbell’s case it’s the Hip-Hop community. However, brother man is not quite getting love in return.
“I really think these Hip-Hop artists need to step up because at some point in their life they may want to do something like this,” Campbell told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “Because we know most Hip-Hop artists are people that are very concerned about their community.”

When asked which artists he could count on, Campbell revealed that several locals had come forward to serve.

“I will say one thing, only the local artists have stepped up to be a part of this, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Pit Bull,” he continued.  “The Puff Daddys, Lil’ Waynes and Drakes of the world who all come down here and enjoy the fun, the sun and buy houses down here, if you’re going to be down here then you’re going to need to be a part of the community. If you’ve got love for the Haitians and you wish to put their names in your records and if you’ve got love for the facilities and the businesses then you need to be a part of this community.”

Usually when names are dropped it’s done for dramatic effect, but in Campbell’s case he’s really calling out folks for alleged indifference to the plight of Miami’s people, or just indifference to his own political aspirations.

“They need to be stepping up and doing more to support this campaign … it is very sad. As well as the Russell Simmons, the Jay-Zs and all those others,” Campbell told EURweb.com. “Out of this whole campaign, that’s probably the biggest disappointment when I look at it because of what I have stood for in this music industry. Going through the Supreme Court, taking my hard earned money, defending the rights of Hip-Hop artists.  There’s no doubt that everybody knows what’s going on in this community. Hopefully, it will be a springboard for other artists who want to do community service or run for elected office in their community. I’ve not spoken publicly about it.  This is the first time I’m saying something.”

The initial purpose of the interview with Luke was to give him a chance to speak on his mayoral aspirations, but after laying down his platform for victory Campbell says he has been reaching out to the nation’s top Hip-Hop movers and shakers and has gotten the cold shoulder.

“We’ve reached out to managers,” he explained. “It’s difficult getting numbers on these guys. We’ve reached out to their labels, their publicists.  You’re running a campaign and you have to deal with the day to day operations of this, but if I see Puff Daddy or one of these other guys running for office I’m going to step up and say ‘Hey man, is there anything I can do?'”

Is this an honest, last ditch effort to recruit support for his campaign or an honest assessment of Hip-Hop togetherness, or lack there of?

“They know what’s going on, they’ve read about it. We’ve been in every publication across the country. People know what’s going on.  That’s the most disappointing part of this process, but we all know how people are.  I’ve learned by being in this music business how people really are. I’m not like that and ain’t gonna never be that way.  If I see Russell Simmons doing something I get on the phone and say ‘Hey, Russell do you need me to go somewhere and speak about your ‘Get Out the Vote program’? No problem! I’m available whenever you need me.’ I guess I’m different than everybody else.”

Campbell tells EURweb.com that it would behoove those that call Miami their playground to step up and support his campaign for several reasons.

“Everybody loves to come down here and do music videos and live here, but wherever you live you need to be concerned about the people who don’t have. Especially when these are the people that buy your products, buy your liquor, buy your perfume, buy your cologne, buy your downloads.”

Stay tuned to EURweb.com later this week when we continue our conversation with Luke Campbell regarding his bid for mayor of Miami-Dade County.  In the meantime you can log on to www.luke4mayor.com for additional information on his campaign.