*Michael Steele is now on the payroll of  MSNBC and TheRoot.

The former Republican National Committee Chairman, whose rocky two-year reign ended earlier this year, has been hired by MSNBC as a political analyst, and also TheRoot.com as a contributing editor.

The website’s executive editor Joel Dreyfuss says Steele’s addition simply reinforces its original goal — to represent “a multiplicity of black views.”

“We don’t believe that there’s only one way that black folks think, or one set of politics,” Dreyfuss tells EUR. “We’ve always had some conservative writers. John McWhorter is a regular contributor, we had Lenny McAlister for some time. Sophia Nelson’s another one. So we’ve had a number of people you would say are more to the right.”

Joel Dreyfuss, Executive Editor TheRoot.

“We are mostly progressive and liberal, but I think we do make a conscious effort to bring opposing views to the discussion,” Dreyfuss added.

Meanwhile, Steele has been a regular guest on MSNBC since he lost re-election to the RNC in January. The network, which has been rather obvious in its effort to become the liberal answer to Fox News, said Steele will now be featured regularly in their discussion panels to provide commentary.

“It’s an honor to contribute and engage in the dialogue on MSNBC,” Steele said in a statement about his new position. “I look forward to engaging a diverse audience to share insights and analysis about the people, issues, and events shaping America’s future. I’m sure our discussions will be both informative and a bit spirited!”