Rhesus monkeys were the study subjects

*British Publication, The Daily Mirror is reporting that a vaccine which could completely clear the body of all traces of the Aids virus has been developed.”

“Scientists have successfully controlled the disease in monkeys, raising hopes they may finally conquer the human form,” the report goes on to say.

This large experimental study was in 67 male rhesus macaque monkeys that were given the monkey form of HIV, called Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). The vaccine was tested in 24 monkeys, 13 of which showed complete control over the SIV virus. Further analysis showed that 12 of these were still protected after a year. In contrast, macaques that did not get the vaccine continued to show high levels of the virus.

This research has re-ignited debate within the research community that a HIV vaccine for humans may be possible. Experts have called this early research exciting and described it as a breakthrough. The technique will now need to be adapted to see if it can be used in treating HIV.

The researchers and commentators acknowledge that the difficult part will be showing the vaccine is safe and effective in humans. Further development of this vaccine might take several years.

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