*F. Gary Gray is now attached to direct “The Last Days of American Crime,” a heist movie for IM Global and Radical Pictures in which Sam Worthington is set to star, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The project, based on the Radical graphic novel written by Rick Remender, is set in a near-future where the government plans to implement a form of legal mind control, making it impossible for its citizens to commit unlawful acts. Worthington, the star of “Avatar” and “Terminator 3: Salvation,” will play a career criminal, who must put together the last heist in American history on the last night that crime is possible.

The project was announced today by IM Global founder and CEO Stuart Ford and Radical founders Barry Levine and Jesse Berger.

IM Global will be offering the work at the Cannes Film Market.

Gray most recently directed “Law Abiding Citizen.”