*The crime drama, “The Chicago Code,” starring Jennifer Beals as the first female head of the Chicago Police Dept. and Delroy Lindo as a corrupt-yet-popular alderman, has been cancelled by Fox and will not be on the schedule when the network unveils its fall lineup on Monday, news outlets reported this morning.

“Fox suits loved the show, but have a business to run,” tweeted the program’s creator Shawn Ryan.

It wasn’t clear whether the two remaining episodes will air in the show’s usual Monday time slot.

“More than most series made on Chicago’s streets, ‘The Chicago Code’ attempted to capture the culture of the city, dropping references to local history and filming in areas both prominent and obscure,” notes the Chicago Sun-Times. “Its main characters — a roguish cop (Jason Clarke), his book-smart partner (Matt Lauria), a powerful alderman (Lindo) and a reform-minded police chief (Beals) — were ever aware of Chicago’s climate of corruption.”