*Thou shalt love thy neighbor – all 600 million of them?

Hosting the first-ever interactive service on Facebook, St. Pixels, an online 3D church, is redefining the way most people worship.

“Love it or hate it, Facebook is where people are in 2011,” said St. Pixels pioneer Mark Howe in a statement. “If the Gospel is for today’s connected culture, it has to find a distinctive but culturally-appropriate place within social networking.”

Designed by Howe, with additional programming by Barry Wickett of Dark Green Media and artwork by Michael Evans and Anthony Ramm of Carousel Digital, the multimedia church is hoping to proclaim Christ through new media outlets.

Behind computer screens and iPhones, worshippers will have the opportunity to listen to Bible readings and a sermon, sing along to hymns and key in prayer requests.

They’ll even be given a chance to weigh in with an “amen” or “zzzz” via a real-time feedback meter they can click.

Clarifying that the project was not a means to try and “look cool and postmodern,” Howe explained, “It’s about applying basic principles of cross-cultural mission to our own culture.”

“It’s easy to build irrelevant ghettos in cyberspace or to abandon distinctives in the rush to embrace the latest online fad. Our Facebook application is an attempt to engage with a cultural phenomenon on its own terms while holding onto the Gospel that has transformed so many cultures across the centuries.”

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