*After his instant celebrity status, the golden voice guy, Ted Williams is going back to rehab, again.

He told 10TV News that he is going back to the Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, Texas for his battle against his drug and alcohol addiction (scroll down to watch).

It’s the same place Dr. Phil arranged for him to attend back in January. The talk show host offered to pay his way.

“I’m going back to get some real recovery and some rest,” Williams said. “Dr. Phil’s concerns and cares will not go in vain.  I hope I can successfully complete this whole journey and come back and say, ‘Hey Dr. Phil. I did it.'”

Williams stayed at the facility for less than two weeks. Now on his way back, he isn’t sure if Dr. Phil’s offer is still on the table, but with his job, he can make it happen.

This time he plans to stay for at least 30 days.