*Looks like there is some old school/new school ish brewing between Ice-T and Soulja Boy.

The legendary West Coast rapper explained in a recent  interview that hip hop has really gone south, referring to Soulja Boy’s music and specifically his goal to produce a mini-movie remake of “Juice.”

“At some point somebody gotta stop it,” Ice-T said. It’s unclear whether he was referring to stopping Soulja Boy or stopping the beef between the two artists.

However, Ice-T obviously isn’t a fan of the movie remake idea.

“If the masses accept it, it just shows you the state we’re in,” said Ice-T, who clarified that he’s not a hater, but would never try to remake a Tupac classic.

He didn’t mention the Boy’s name but he did share that making it in the industry is a lot easier than when he was coming around.

“It would be easy for me today because it doesn’t really require any backbone or anything that comes from anywhere. If you can sing along with the beat, it’s cool.”

Again, no mention of the “Turn My Swag On” singer, but it looked as if he did take the comments personally.

Perhaps it’s because Ice-T referred to his music as “garbage” back in 2008.

Needless to say the hot headed youngster, yes, Soulja Boy, didn’t waste anytime responding to his elder, ice-T with these disprespectful tweets: