*Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s new twins are already encountering the dangers of being celebrities as they almost fell victim to a tabloid scam.

On Tuesday night, according to Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, a woman from the LA County Dept. of Child Protective Services showed up at the hospital while Carey was breastfeeding their children, as they were wrapping up their stay at the NICU.

So the civil servant came in to supposedly follow up with a claim of neglect, specifically, Carey was accused of drinking and taking pain medication while breastfeeding.

Well, the truth of the matter is that a nurse suggested to the new mother to drink half a Guinness Stout to produce breast milk quicker. Carey did it and it and according to Friedman’s report, worked. Hmm, But anyway, someone on the floor snitched, hoping the social worker could get a picture of the babies for the tabloids, in hopes to make millions. Nothing was captured, but you can guess the new parents were freaked out.

But all is well now and the family is headed home, healthy and wiser.

Here’s how a horrified Carey and Cannon responded to the situation: “Taxpayer money was wasted, too, because this was labeled an emergency. It was ridiculous.”

Now, about this Guinness Stout/breast milk thing … we went did a search on Google and asked “can drinking Guinness stout increase milk production?”

At ShareCare.com Dr. Mehmet Oz Answered:

Contrary to popular belief, Guinness Stout – or any other form of alcohol – has not been proven to stimulate milk production.”

Interesting. Now we’re wondering if this whole story is true. Hmmm.