*TMZ is reporting that comedian/actor Mike Epps (“Jumping the Broom”) couldn’t handle being served with a lawsuit in thee middle of his performance in Texas last week and went completely off. He called the server a “white bitch” while telling her to “suck my d**k.”

It all went down at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie … while Mike was in the middle of his set, a process server approached the stage and served him with a lawsuit stemming from an altercation inside of a Detroit nightclub in December.

Mike looked down and said, “White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage … b*tch, f*ck you.”

Mike then admitted participating in the nightclub brawl … saying, “This is from when I whooped that n*gger’s ass in Detroit.”

Mike continued to berate the process server as she made her way towards the exit … saying, “B*tch, I don’t give a f*ck … suck my d*ck.”

As TMZ first reported, a photographer sued Epps, claiming the actor unleashed a “brutal beating” on him inside the Key Club in Detroit. The photog also claims members of Epps’ entourage fired several gunshots at him outside the venue.

Good grief, if this is true as reported, there’s nothing we can say except it makes Mr. Epps look bad. Real bad.