Donald Trump speaks to several GOP women's group at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino April 28, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

*Donald Trump has been getting an earful since being skewered in person by President Obama during Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington.

And now that Obama has orchestrated the death of Osama bin Laden, Trump has become the butt of even more jokes – mostly via Twitter.

The most prevalent and obvious joke retweeted last night: “BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Osama Bin Laden’s death certificate.”

But there were also these:

  • “Fri – Obama gives order to kill Osama Bin Laden, Sat Obama rejoices by kicking Donald Trump’s ass” — James Duncan
  • “Donald Trump is the GOP front runner and Osama bin Laden is dead. 2012 looking pretty good for President Obama tonight.” — Danny Howard
  • “Osama dies and obama announces it. sorry donald trump, obama has another 4 years.” — Adrian Sado
  • “Osama is dead under the Obama Administration and he roasted the hell out of Donald Trump the other night. How is he NOT the man right now?” — John McCray
  • “First Donald Trump and now Osama Bin Laden? If I were on Obama’s sh*t list I’d be pretty f*king worried this week.” — Kieran Healy

And then there were tweets noting the irony that Obama’s speech kicked Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” off the air with 15 minutes left in the episode (on the East coast).

  • Late Night host Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon): “Got Bin Laden AND interrupted Celebrity Apprentice? Win for Obama all around.”
  • “Sunday May 1st ~ Barack Obama announces that he has had Osama Bin Laden killed. Donald Trump announces he is firing the playboy bunny.” — Andrea Tappen, in reference to Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Playmate Hope Dworaczyk.
  • “How pissed is Donald Trump that this Osama Bin Laden announcement interrupted ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?” — Travis David Suhr

Trump getting blasted by Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner on April 30, 2011.

As for Trump’s reaction to his verbal beat down by the president and “Saturday Night Live’s” Seth Meyers on Saturday, New York Magazine reports that the real estate mogul — who sat stone-faced throughout the crowd’s raucous laughter over attacks on his hair, credentials, racism and accent — had little to say immediately following the event.

When asked if he had enjoyed the jokes, he replied shortly, “Not really. Some were fun, but not the greatest.”

Speaking to “Fox and Friends” the morning after the gala, however, the Republican presidential candidate hopeful fought back against the blitz that had left him at a loss for words the night before. He admitted that he had not expected to be attacked in such an unrelenting manner.

“Well, I really understood what I was getting into — I didn’t know that I’d be virtually the sole focus,” he said, adding, “I had no idea it would be to that extent, where you know, it was just joke after joke after joke. It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about?”

Trump criticized the president for failing to address more serious matters during his speech.

“I was certainly in a certain way having a good time listening,” he said. “I don’t think the American people are having a good time with $5 gas … I was thinking to myself as they were doing this, you know, the American people are really suffering and we’re all” having fun.

Added Trump about Meyers’ turn, “I thought Seth Meyers —- his delivery frankly was not good. He’s a stutterer.”