*Steven Carter, a 26-year-old pastor, spent the night in an open jail cell with several hundred other men, fearing that he could face several years in prison on a terrorism charge, his employer told the AJC Wednesday.

Carter is a preacher at The Church at Southside in Athens, Georgia. The pastor there, Jeff Williams, said Carter’s 22-year-old wife, Erin, called him in a panic Tuesday night. She told him that her husband was detained after customs officials found a .22-caliber bullet in his bag.

“It was stuck in the seams of the bag,” Williams said. “They don’t know how it got there. Steve doesn’t own a gun.”

Erin Carter told Williams that her husband expects to be charged with possession of illegal ammunition and terrorism or terroristic threats. Williams said an attorney advised the couple that the ammo charge would result in only a fine but that Steven Carter could face at least seven years in prison if convicted of the terror charge.

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