*Houston, TX In 2010 DeShai decided it was NOW or NEVER! She was tired of waiting on a major labor to offer her a deal and decided to start her own record label!

DeShai’s debut album It’s NOW or NEVER will be released on Tuesday August, 23 2011 and she is releasing her single to radio Monday May, 9 2011!

She’s released 2 hit singles including “Gotta Go” and “Tell Your Girl I’m Your Girl Tonight.” DeShai is very excited to release her third single “Insane”! She recently shot a music video and it will hit screens near you SOON!

DeShai is ready to expand the boundaries of R&B and pop with her powerful lyrics and unique style! Drawing inspiration from such diverse influences as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Janet Jackson, she blends her sassy delivery with a message rooted firmly in her personal experiences. DeShai writes and sings about relationships and everyday topics: From making up…to breaking up…to hooking up, listeners are amazed at how her catchy hooks and phrases command their attention and demand a permanent place on their favorite play list

“My music is sexy and hip… I sing about what some women are scared to say but think.” Says DeShai

For additional information on DeShai please contact Elvira Guzman: (626) 513-3482 or please visit DeShai’s website at:  www.DeShaionline.com



Elvira Guzman
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