*When Tamyra Gray gave birth to daughter Sienna Marie last July, the former “American Idol” contestant was shocked to see that her baby had all of her father’s features, and very little of hers.

“The only reason you’d know she was mine is if you were at the hospital,” laughs Gray, 31.

But now, 10 months later, Gray tells People.com her daughter with husband Sam Watters is “a good blend of both of us. She’s got his head with my face.”

With a singer/actress for a mom and a music producer/writer and ex Color Me Badd member for a dad, it was only a matter of time before the music bug bit Sienna.

“She is really into this radio station Kids Place Live,” says Gray of the SiriusXM station that plays fun music for kids.

“At first if I put on Eminem in the car she would stop crying,” she adds. “But we’ve moved to Kids Place Live and if we don’t turn on her music as soon as we get into the car she’ll start screaming.”

Sienna’s also taken a liking to singing — especially the tune that’s a part of her bedtime ritual. Says Gray, “We have a song that we sing about washing her feet and hands and brushing her teeth that she loves.”