*Two amazing things happened over the weekend. The Los Angeles Lakers were swept by the Dallas Mavericks, and the little film that could is chugging right along. “Jumping the Broom” from TriStar Pictures came in third with $13.7 million. The film only cost $6 million to make.

As part of our continuing coverage of the Tracey Edmonds/Bishop TD Jakes produced offering, our Lee Bailey spoke with actors Pooch Hall and Tasha Smith about their experiences shooting the film.

“I’ve kissed Lil’ Romeo about nine or ten times and I thought I was going to go to jail,” Smith, 40, joked. “He looks all of about 12 years old. Sometimes young guys try you and try to get a feel in here or there. He is very endearing though. Master P raised his son very well because he was very respectful.”

Having the fingerprints of Bishop TD Jakes all over a film would lead some to automatically think it is faith-based. However, Hall told reporters that faith-based tag was a little misleading.

“(Director) Salim Akil said ‘I don’t want to make a faith-based movie,” said Pooch. “I want to make a movie about people who have faith’. Your personal relationship with God is yours. Sometimes you think you’re going to see a black movie with people jumping the broom then it’s going to be over the top, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it was good getting to play the type of character I played in this film and everyone having a nice approach. Something you can take away from and laugh with the characters and not at them.”

'Jumping the Broom' stars Pooch Hall and Meagan Good share a laugh

“For the record I’ve had fun in every movie I’ve ever been in,” Tasha interjected. “Whether she’s crazy or whether she’s quiet. For this film in particular I love the energy of the people. I loved the location; I loved where they were from. I loved how the families were able to come together and experience both sides of where they’re from.”

As is seemingly the case at every press junket of an African American film, the Tyler Perry question did come up. Smith, having appeared in some of Perry’s most successful offerings, artistically and financially, had this to say.

“Salim has a different background than Tyler Perry. Tyler was very deeply rooted in the church and the plays that he started with in the church. He tells his stories differently. So, the way that the story told is very different and I will give that to the difference between the 2 directors. If you took Quenton Tarintino and Steven Spielberg the same script you would have 2 different movies. That’s why it’s great that we have different people telling stories.”

Finally, a sane, non-critical, emotionally detached response to the Perry question. If you want to see what all the hubub is about then catch “Jumping the Broom” at a theater near you.