*En route to being swept by Dallas with a 122-86 loss, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum probably figured he had nothing to lose except a lot money from being fined by the NBA and blatantly delivered an elbow to the chest of Mavericks point guard JJ Barea Sunday afternoon.

Immediately after the cheap shot, it appeared that Bynum, without even looking, started peeling off his jersey and walking toward the locker room.

(Watch the hit below.)

Interestingly and absurdly, if you will, he was accompanied by Ron Artest who also took out his frustrations on Barea in game two which got him suspended for game 3. Oh, and did we mention that Bynum’s action came just minutes after Lamar Odom was dejected from the game for exchanging some harsh words (and elbows) with Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.

The Mavericks will meet either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Meanwhile, the Lakers defeat also meant the presumed end of the legendary career of coach Phil Jackson that spanned 11 NBA championships, 13 NBA Finals appearances and 229 playoffs wins.