*While appearing on “The Mo’Nique Show” last week, Tyler Perry was invited by the host to return for a sit down with his biggest critic, Spike Lee.

The star and director of “Madea’s Big Happy Family” was discussing the verbal attacks that have been going back and forth between the two African American filmmakers – a beef he has compared to Langston Hughes’s criticism of contemporary Zora Neale Husrton.

“He’s a brilliant filmmaker. There’s a lot of things that he could share with me, but for some reason we don’t do that,” Perry said on the show.

“Instead of taking shots and tearing each other down, why don’t you give me a hand, brother?” Perry continued. “Tell me what I need to know. And maybe I can show you some things too.”

That’s when Mo’Nique offered up her show as a place to settle their differences.

“Would you be willing, if brother Spike Lee is willing, to come on ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ and y’all have this conversation face to face?”

“Let’s make it happen,” Perry replied.

Mo’Nique then turned to speak into the camera: “Brother Spike, you have an open invitation to come and sit with brother Tyler Perry. So that way y’all can show the world at large how we can come together. Because we still are in the land of divide and conquer.”

Watch Perry’s appearance on “The Mo’Nique Show’ below.