50 cent comic book

*50 Cent has been very active lately with movies and production projects all over the place. His latest development is his comic book.

His story from growing up with nothing to becoming a star has been chronicled in the new forthcoming Bluewater Productions comic book.

To be released this July, “Fame: 50 Cent” follows young Curtis James Jackson III along on his journey to fame amidst trials and tribulations. It details the lesser-known and infamously known intimate dips in his back-story.

“50 Cent, no doubt, has enjoyed a colorful, extraordinary and sometimes sordid life,” writer Dan Rafter said in a statement. “Despite a broken home life and early run-ins with the law he found his niche. You don’t sell 11 million records if you don’t have some talent and market savvy; he’s got plenty of both.”

The book will retail at $3.99. Look for it this summer.