deborah b. pryor

DeBorah B. Pryor

*LOS ANGELES, California – Communications specialist DeBorah B. Pryor brings her popular workshop: Public Speaking for the Private Person to UCLA Extension this summer.

Since 2005, this unique workshop – which combines training in communication and leadership development – has been presented to working professionals and others who have struggled with a variety of communications issues including fear of speaking in front of groups, anxiety about job interviews or meetings with the boss; inability to adequately construct an argument of defense in professional situations and the inability to compose effective business correspondence.

UCLA Extension is world renowned for its innovative courses, real-life-experienced instructors and longstanding commitment to extended learning that meets the growing needs of working adults.

“What a great opportunity it is for me to join the UCLA Extension family and share a workshop that I have been passionate about for such a long time,” says Pryor, an established (EURweb) journalist whose work over the past 25-years in communication includes stage and television acting, hosting her own radio program, and writing assignments that have taken her around the world. Yet Pryor admits it is her work in the corporate arena that inspired her to design a workshop for people who are thrown into public speaking by default. “There was no training available for some of our most useful forms of daily communication. And even today, each communications workshop is different. This one unique is unique not only because of the topics it addresses, but the way they are addressed. Many of us work as receptionists, office managers, administrative assistants, and executive directors. These are the faces of your large and small businesses. They make the important first impressions to your clientele. What makes communicating in these roles any less important than standing onstage addressing an audience? There is a lot to do before you reach the podium; and once these fundamental, day-to-day communications issues are addressed and surmounted, the podium will be less intimidating.”

As a supplement to the workshop, Pryor went into the studio and recorded a 2-disc CD which is available to workshop participants. Here Etiquette Consultant Lezlie Porter speaks on the workshop she attended at the Pasadena-based organization, Women-At-Work.

“The class was absolutely wonderful… I have had ‘class in the car’… every morning on my way to work…I love it! I haven’t even heard the second CD yet because I keep replaying sections of the first one over and over. It may take me all summer just to get through the entire study!”

Mike Milford, a Dean at DeVry University says, “I have taught masters level leadership courses to school administrators. This CD captures the essence of what it takes to effectively communicate; whether it’s your first job, or you are a seasoned manager running your own company.”

Public Speaking for the Private Person will be offered during the UCLA Extension Summer session on Saturday, July 30 from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Discounts will be available to those who enroll before July 1. If you are interested in learning more about the class and how to enroll visit the instructor’s website at or call 818.745.0395




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