*Little Miss Hot Tempered Foxy Brown was scolded by the judge recently for showing up to court two hours late.

“Don’t put me in a position when I’m going to remand you to make sure you’re here at 9:30,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Josh Walsh, told the rapper. “Court starts at 9:30, not when you roll in.”

After her verbal beating, Brown got a little emotional and blamed her lawyer, Salvatore Srazullo, for telling her to show up at 11:30 a.m.

She said she was “peeved” because she’s always on time. Then she commented to reporters that she had a “big decision to make” possibly alluding to hiring a new lawyer. But like all good liars, lawyers, Srazullo said there were no ill feelings between the two.

So back to the business of why she was actually there. The rapper is due back to court to begin her trial on July 12 for allegedly exposing her backside to her neighbor. The two have had scuffles in the past and the neighbor obtained a protective order against Brown.

But Foxy, of course,  is known for her bad girl syndrome. She’s always in trouble. Earlier this year she was kicked off the Tom Joyner cruise ship and kicked out of a party during New York’s fashion week.