*As Sean Kingston lies in a hospital recovering from his jet skiing accident in Miami, local authorities are considering fining the singer up to $32,500 pending an investigation into whether the crash upset local wildlife.

Kingston suffered a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs after crashing into a bridge on his jet ski in Miami last Sunday (May 29) and has since been hospitalized. His condition has steadily improved and he is now said to be fully conscious, walking and talking.

Miami, where the incident occurred, has strict laws protecting local manatees, or sea cows as they are more commonly known. These laws state that water users can not cause a wake, or sea turbulence, in areas populated by manatees and those who do face hefty fines.

According to TMZ, the damage from Kingston’s incident will have almost certainly caused a wake to occur and if investigators find he is likely to have disturbed the area’s manatees, he will be fined up to $32,500.

Meanwhile, Kingston’s passenger, Cassandra Sanchez, confirmed this week that she will not be pressing charges against the singer over the incident.