*Some say he’s a better writer than a singer, but all are entitled to their opinions.

At any rate, Ne Yo is doing other things now in the industry like opening up a new sector of his Compound Entertainment imprint, Compound Island, to focus on Jamaican musicians.

To start it all off, he’s urging Reggae artists to submit their work via an online search.

“Reggae music is global music; you can go anywhere to hear it. You can go to Australia and hear it,” Ne Yo commented with the Jamaica Observer.

“We chose Jamaica because of its rich legacy of producing some of the world’s biggest recording artists, be it in notoriety or album sales, added his business partner Tishawn Gayle.

To make sure he gets it all started with a bang, he’s hosting two parties during Jamaica’s Emancipation weekend on July 29 and 30.