*For 30 years, Egypt had been run by the iron clad rule of Hosni Mubarak.  But in February, his dictatorship crumbled under the civil unrest that broke out in the streets of Egypt.

The people were successful in unseating Mubarak from his post, but Mubarak’s people had a surprise of their own for journalists and protesters alike, the mobile system and Internet was disabled and the revolution was no longer televised…well, it was interrupted.

But, in our brave new world of technology, missing information will not be tolerated.  We must see everything!  In real time!  Which means, the American government must have a journalist on the scene and able to broadcast our perspective of the events all over the world.

And to ensure constant communication in countries with civil unrest and/or war torn areas, President Obama is spearheading a group of super geeks that will create a suave Mission Impossible-like way of creating international (Internet/WIFI) hot spots when this type of shutdown occurs. (Read more HERE.)