justin timberlake and cameron diaz

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz star in 'Bad Teacher'

*Opening this week is “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz, who is known for her comedic chops. She is also known for her involvement with her co-star Justin Timberlake that far surpassed the onscreen relationship.

Just before interviewing Diaz that morning in New York, she was on a morning show and quite open about her relationship with Timberlake, considering most stars will not talk about their “personal life.” Making reference to the TV show, the Film Strip asked Diaz if moving on is a guideline for getting on with her life?

“Oh, yeah, absolutely,” she says. “What’s the point? Move on! I think in everything in life, gosh, there’s so much to be experienced in life and to bring into your life. If you’re holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore then you’re not living. You’re just not living.

“Justin and I are great friends. We’re perfectly satisfied with our relationship now. We love each other. We care about each other. We want good things for each other. We’ve been broken up for as long as we were ever together. So, if we haven’t moved on by now, and clearly we’ve both lived very full lives apart from one another and we’ve both grown as people. We’re both adults. There’s just no reason if you love somebody to not allow that love to change and to grow in different ways just because it didn’t grow in the way that everyone else thought it should. We’re not holding onto that. We’re allowing our friendship to be whatever it’s going to be. We’re better for it.

“We got to make a movie together that makes people laugh. How fortunate is that? If I was angry or he was angry or we were holding onto something and we couldn’t be in the room with one another we would never be able to give people something that they enjoy and can laugh at. We both feel that’s a privilege, to be able to make a movie and make people laugh. That’s a privilege. A lot of people wish that they could do that and they never get to. We do. So, why not do it and give it to the world.”

And why did Diaz want to play a “Bad Teacher?”

“Reading the script and thirty pages in I was like, ‘There’s no way that I can do this. This woman is so horrible. There’s no way to redeem her,’ and of course I was going with the assumption that it was just like every other Hollywood script where you do terrible things for the first half of the movie and then you spend the rest of the movie trying to apologize for it and make her a good person that everybody likes. Nope. I got to the end and it was like, ‘She’s still a bitch and she didn’t apologize for nothing and I have to play her,’ because you just don’t get that opportunity. You just don’t get to play somebody who you don’t have to apologize.”

So of course the obvious next question was about her school days.

“I didn’t have any terrible teachers” Diaz explained. “I had three teachers that sort of stood out to me. One was my teacher who basically spent his whole year with his feet on the desk, whom I loved because he’d tell the most hilarious stories about his young son and I laughed my ass off when he told them. Then I had another teacher who always had food in his teeth. So, you never knew if good was going to come flying out at you if he was talking to you. And then I had a teacher, a female teacher, who just hated me. She was so mean to me and I’m sure at the time, now that I look at it, she thought she was helping me, but in reality I just thought she was aggressive and whatever lesson she was trying to teach me was lost on me because I was so, like, ‘What’s your problem? What did I do? I didn’t do anything to you. I’m just existing. I apologize.’

Timberlake’s school days were just a memorable.

“I had a teacher in seventh grade who told me I should have more realistic goals than being a songwriter and singer because my schoolwork was suffering,” he recalled. And you can quote me on this directly to her. ‘Suck it.’ Yet, Timberlake has a soft spot for teachers. “They’ve got to figure out a way to pay teachers more,” he urges. “They actually are like surrogate parents away from home and in doing the junket for the last couple of days, I’ve kind of come across the realization that, in hearing everyone talk about this because we’ve constantly gotten the question, ‘Have you had a bad teacher when you were younger?’ And I get why you ask us that. They have a huge responsibility and they’re under- appreciated and underpaid.”

It was Christmas in New York this week, i.e. with promotional holiday gifts shows and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Eat, Drink, And Be Merry! gathering on the terrace of a Lincoln Center Hotel complete with a Christmas tree, holiday decorations and holiday candy and drinks. Reading the Fox Home Entertainment 2011 Holiday Collection guide listing release days for TV shows and movies that include “X-Men: First Class,” “Planet of the Apes;” that hasn’t even been released in theaters yet, “Water for Elephants,” “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” “Rio,” and classics such as “West Side Story” or “Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection”-just to name a few was exciting. But what was more thrilling was that everyone who attended was asked to wrap the top portion of a gift box so that a DVD could be included. The children’s DVDs would be distributed by the Starlight Children’s Foundation during the Christmas holidays.