Reggie Brown, a Chicago-area broadcaster-turned-Obama-impersonator

*Professional Obama impersonator Reggie Brown got in character to participate in a nationally-televised presidential debate against Republican former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson on Thursday, a spectacle that, of course, aired on a Fox-owned cable network.

Fox Business Channel hired the impersonator for the stunt, which aired Thursday on John Stossel’s Media Matters for America show.

“Reggie Brown may be an actor, but what he says tonight will be almost entirely the president’s own words,” Stossel said in his introduction.

Johnson took the “debate” seriously, even knocking his head on the podium to express his frustration with “Obama.” The chicanery lasted seven minutes, with an in-studio audience even applauding and booing certain statements.

According to Gawker, U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) also has participated in a “debate” with the fake Obama.

Watch the Johnson “debate”:

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