*The Jackson family is still dealing with and capitalizing on the death of their late son and brother, pop star Michael Jackson.

Coming on the heels of her stint on “Celebrity Apprentice,” La Toya is planning on putting out her memoir that will also  recount the life of her brother and his untimely death. Although soft spoken, the older sister of the group never hesitated on who she pointed the blame to, Dr. Conrad Murray.

She’s doing it all in perfect timing too, as the anniversary of her brother’s death is just around the corner, June 25.

In the book, to be released June 21, she plans to talk about the unforgettable day and even gets personal about her brother’s kids.

In the meantime, the court case drama will continue to unfold as Murray will sit in the court in September for involuntary manslaughter. He was with Jackson when the singer died and has constantly denied any doing in the singer’s death.