*Young Jeezy is being sued by the organizers of Virgin Islands concert Summer Splash 2011, for not showing up to perform as stipulated in a contract.

Paid 4 Entertainment filed suit against the Atlanta rapper on Friday (June 24), claiming they reached out to Jeezy in March and agreed to a contract for him to appear on the scheduled date of June 18. According to the lawsuit, Jeezy’s reps told organizers 12 days before the show that he “might” not be able to make it due to another engagement and “was considering not appearing.”

P4E was willing to work with Jeezy by arranging for him to perform the next day, as well as fly him out in a private jet to avoid any drama. Jeezy went on to miss the plane and his reps told the company that he would no longer be coming.

Paid 4 Entertainment is alleging breach of contract, fraud and conspiracy; the company seeks $75,000 in damages.

“We have also been in touch with law enforcement officials for review our records to determine whether criminal prosecution is appropriate,” the company said in a statement about the lawsuit. “Because the matter is under investigation, we do not believe it appropriate to make further comment at this time.”