*While Berry Gordy helped to define a generation with the Motown Sound, his offspring – youngest son Stefan Kendal Gordy and grandson Skyler Husten Gordy of LMFAO – are hoping to provide the definitive party soundtrack for their generation.

Stefan, a.k.a. Redfoo, is Gordy’s eighth and youngest son with mother Nancy Leiviska, a music video director and writer. Skyler, a.k.a. SkyBlu, is Redfoo’s nephew.

The 2011 Capitol Record Summertime Ball held at the Wembley Arena. (June 12, 2011)

Last month the duo released their second album “Sorry for Party Rocking,” a follow up to 2009’s debut, “Party Rock,” which featured the Sunshine State anthem “I’m in Miami Trick,” the “Jersey Shore” theme song “Get Crazy,” and laid the groundwork for the group’s wild-eyed persona.

That, and a trip to Miami in 2007.

“We went to Miami and we just discovered the party life,” said Redfoo, 35. “For a week we went there, for the Winter Music Conference, and we saw a whole new life. People was partying, they was having a drink or two and they would go all night. And the energy drink had just come out at this time, and we just felt good.  We said, “This is it. This is our life.” We had been searching. We were doing extra work, improv, stand-up comedy. But then when we saw that, we said, “That’s it, baby,” because we know how to party. We just perfected the craft.”

LMFAO's pop/grandpop Berry Gordy

LMFAO (text talk for “Laughing My F***king Ass Off”), released “Party Rock Anthem” in January, their biggest hit to date, due in part to its high-energy “shuffle” dance. The song has a breakdown that turns Rick Ross’Hustlin’” chorus into “Everyday I’m Shufflin’.”

“You know we’re walking down the street before that song and they used to say, ‘Oh look, there goes Sideshow Bob!’ Or [for SkyBlu], ‘There goes Slash. And now it’s, ‘Everyday I’m shufflin’!’ And it’s a thing where it’s finally good to be recognized for who you is in the biz.”

Their latest single, “Champagne Showers,” is an ode to the club practice of popping shaken bottles of the bubbly and spraying it over the crowd. “It’s amazing because you’re wet, but it tastes good, and you drink it off you because you don’t have a lot of money, and the girl’s licking it off, too, and you say, ‘This is not so bad,’” said Redfoo. [Scroll down to watch the video.]

In the bonus audio below, we had to ask them what Berry Gordy thinks of their musical shenanigans.

LMFAO on what Berry Gordy thinks of their music by CherieNic