*This month, it is the 20th anniversary of hood classic, “Boyz N the Hood.” The movie was the start of several careers including John Singleton, Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long and Cuba Gooding Jr.

The film made a huge impact in the world of motion pictures and put a new perspective on violence and life in the hood. While other movies depicted drugs and murder in the streets, none ever took the perspective of the youth coming up in South Central L.A.

It was also a time when protest against police and other means of authority was strong and crime between gangs and streets was on the rise.

Singleton’s hit film challenged stereotypes and reconstructed the ideas many have had about the hood over the years.

“It’s a story that a lot of those cats used to make in the ’80s, in the suburbs, but made in the ‘hood,’” Singleton says of the films that inspired ‘Boyz N The Hood.’ “I loved the pictures, but none of those people looked like me. So me and my friends would catch the bus up to Hollywood, and we’d go see the movies, and we spent the whole time going down Vermont (ave.) talking about the movie we would make. And the movie that we would make would always be something like what I did with ‘Boyz N The Hood.'”